понеделник, 4 септември 2017 г.


След четиримесечна пауза давам знак, че много скоро ще се върна към моя любим блог, за да разкажа за най-скъпите моменти от изминалото време.

Here I am again, my friends! After such a long pause!...
Just wanna tell you that I'm going to share my strongest memories of those FOUR months of silence very, very soon!

Имаше театрално-музикални проекти с деца и премиери...

There were premieres...

Както и вълнуващи пътешествия...

And exciting journeys...

До скоро!

I'm doing great, hope you are all healthy and happy, too! I missed you, I missed blogging!

петък, 14 април 2017 г.


Великден в Несебър! Вълнуващо преживяване, кратко откъсване от претоварената ни програма, глътка въздух, часове на отмора, свобода и радост!

Just before Easter my husband and I, we escaped to Nesebar – a picturesque town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The Old town is included in the World Heritage lists by UNESCO. Walking there is like being in a fairytale for a while! 

Wooden houses, meandering narrow paved streets with lots of open souvenir shops, the sound of the sea, herring-gulls and sea-gulls... 

The beauty of the old stone churches take your breath away! Nowadays less than 20 out of 42 are being preserved by the archaeologists and one of them is even active !

Странно и успокояващо е само след няколко часа път да видиш, че морето е на мястото си!:) Като обещание за идващото лято и за всичко хубаво, което всеки се надява да му се случи тогава!

Only after a few hours of driving, you find out that the Black Sea is at its place, gorgeous as ever, like a promise for the summer, when everyone hopes to be free and happy!:)

Всъщност, защо да чакаме?!:)

Actually why to wait till then?!:)

И така, в Несебър съм. Утре ще боядисваме яйца. Традициите могат да се спазват навсякъде, нали? А вдруги ден... Ах, колко време има дотогава! Часове, прекарани в уют и обич, в компанията на гларусите, цъфналите пролетни дървета и морето, което е навсякъде, където погледнеш!

So, it's Easter time. Tomorrow morning we are going to dye eggs. You can keep the traditions everywhere!
Two more days in this beautiful small town, just awakening after the winter, slowly preparing for the tourist season, still quiet and a bit dreamy.
In front of your eyes - the sea, above you - the herring-gulls, dancing in the sky!

четвъртък, 16 март 2017 г.


Този пост е само за да дам знак, че въпреки заетостта си, винаги се връщам тук!

Hello, everybody!
I am really sorry for being here so rarely. I love Blogland and it's not the lack of time that actually stops me from posting, but the way I usually feel at the end of a busy day - no force for anything, even for commenting your posts, tired, and sometimes having to work again for the next morning.

I'm so happy and relieved now for I finished the big translation a couple of days ago . And here I am with my new post!:-)
It'll be nothing special... Just several photos from some lovely moments that I had meanwhile...

Няколко ЦВЕТНИ снимки с повод и без повод от изминалия месец...  

Flowers always cheer me up! No matter whether picked by me on the street...

Received on an occasion...

Or just given with love!

Имах късмет за четвърти или пети път в живота си да видя дъга. Тя се появи и изчезна изключително бързо, малко хора я забелязаха, но беше приказна гледка!

My husband and I, we had the rare chance to see a rainbow after a 10 minute afternoon rain! I think very few people noticed it! It vanished as quickly as it had appeared!

Hope you and your beloved ones are doing well!:)

понеделник, 20 февруари 2017 г.


Една истинска зима - дълга, студена и снежна...

We've been having the longest and coldest winter for the last decade. With lots of snow! Unfortunately I missed the days when it was new, thick and perfectly white for I was ill and had to stay at home. BUT... here are some pics from the park, taken around the end of January...

Съкровища по снежните пътеки...

Some treasures found on the snowy paths...

I like especially the winter flowers...:)

And this is my high school, situated in the park! Every time I see it, my heart sinks!

The temperatures were that low, that the river Danube froze! When I went to see it, the ice was melting...

But still I noticed a young man walking on the surface!! That day it was a bit risky though...

My blog friends already know, that if I'm silent, it's a sign that I'm really busy. Yeah, this time no exception to the rule.:) One of my major tasks lately is to translate from English the songs for the new musical of the Children's Opera. I'll write more about in another post.

Заета както винаги, но има моменти, които ме откъсват от това...:)

It's February. And... you know, there's always something that can cheer you up for a while. In a different way...

This wonderfvul papercut heart is a gift from my blog friend Nela! Actually they are three and make my home look prettier around St Valentine's Day.

Hope you are all doing well, waiting eagerly for the change of seasons, whatever they are in the different parts of the globe!

П.П. Тъй като за всичките седем години, през които имам този блог, само няколко души от България са коментирали (по-малко от пръстите на едната ми ръка), спирам да пиша на български, защото не виждам смисъл. Поне в настоящия момент. Неколцината ми приятелки (знаете си кои сте) ще ме извинят...:(

понеделник, 16 януари 2017 г.


В последната ни за годината работилничка децата нарисуваха най-ярките си спомени за нея...

On December 31st our theatre group run its last workshop for the year. And the children said "bye!" to 2016 through drawings.

They shared their strongest memories of it!

А началото на тази година посветихме на зимата, разбира се! Изработихме ефектни хартиени свещници... В тъмното рисунките сякаш оживяват!

Then we started the year with winter season's themes. First we enjoyed making simple candle holders. We even lit the candles, but I know that the great surprise was later, at home, in the dark...

Миналата събота научихме малчуганите как да си ушият ръкавични кукли по специално написана за тях история. 

My husband wrote a special winter story in rhymes and last Saturday we showed the kids how to sew glove puppets - they chose the characters they liked most.

Имам чувството, че живеем в Снежно кралство - толкова много сняг не се е задържал от години. Постоянните минусови температури почти изцяло заледиха река Дунав и това ми припомни разказите на баща ми как някога се е пързалял с кънки по нея!:) Снимка: Явор Мичев

We've been living in the Snow Kingdom since the very beginning of 2017! The river Danube nearly froze - we had about 80% of ice near Ruse. My father had told me they used to skate on the Danube, when he was a boy, so now it's easier for me to imagine that!:) photo: Yavor Michev

It was very beautiful outside with the deep white snow... The low temperatures (between minus 10 to minus 17 and even lower) kept it stay, but unfortunately I got a cold, so I couldn't wander to take photos, as I had planned. Never mind, hope to be OK soon and to shoot the new snow (we are expecting it starting from tomorrow...)

Работният ми ритъм е толкова интензивен, че не мога да си изживея спомените за празниците! Но те са си с мен...

We are so busy with the Children's opera and the theatre groups for kids, that I can't look back to the holidays that have just passed in the way I want. But I wear deep inside me the warmth and happiness of sharing them with our lovely son, who had come back from abroad!

И ме топлят, и ме карат често да се усмихвам и да съм благодарна за щастливите мигове!

Тази вечер беше поредното представление на мюзикъла "Скрудж" на Детска опера-Русе  . Следват две представления на  оперетата  "Ани в царството на цветята". А после започваме репетиции на новия мюзикъл... Емоции и музика, усмивки и музика...

This evening the Children's opera - Ruse performed the famous musical "Scrooge" and till the end of the week we have two performances of the operetta "Ani in the Flower kingdom". I wrote about its premiere here.

Добре дошла, 2017-а! Дано бъдеш мирна, светла и добра за всички нас!

So... welcome 2017! I do hope you'll be good and bright, and peaceful for all of us!